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Confidence & Care

With MechanicalPeace I am inviting you to a friendly use of technology, in service of a systematic unburdening of your mind, as a foundation for effortless productivity and flow.

For decades I have been interested in how to use the computer in practical and creative ways.

It is not a very sexy topic, but it has enormous implications for the quality of your life, inner peace, well-being, health and relationships.


Structure Supports Spontaneity

For myself – stuck in shame, fear, pride and arrogance – it was a painful struggle for a very long time, to understand what was going on between my ears.

I was easily exhausted, stressed, unreliable, disorganized.

It took a while to see where I wasted my energy; often in little things – but during a day they quickly added up.

Suffering and failures lead me to deeper insights into the subtleness of mind, preferences and resistance:

Mechanical Peace is not rocket-science, but most likely challenging when you are alone.

I am available to meet with you one-on-one globally via Zoom, or locally on the Monterey Peninsula, California. Not as a know-it-all, but as fellow human being, more like a friend (married and an eleventeen year-old daughter).

Risk to say hello:

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Busy is easy